Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Four Horsemen: Big Game Apocalypse

Revelations in the Bible talks of the four horseman bringing in the apocalypse.
I cannot say enough about these three stud llamas, they are constantly impressing me each time we are on the mountain. I truly am extremely grateful that the stars aligned when we all came together and formed our team I call the four horseman. Romeo, Jasper, and Buckshot have made hunting big game so much more enjoyable and our success rate has increased the last 8 years because of them.
The Finish Line for me are these three, and I hope to duplicate them in all the crias that they help bring into the world.
With that intro. I have decided to offer them as studs to the Classic, Ccara, and llama packing world, in hopes that others will enjoy great genetics and experiences on the mountain.

To read of our adventures, and see how these guys work, please read my other blog Blood, Sweat and Deer.

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